Test of English as a Foreign Language TOEFL is a test of English language proficiency (an American accent) who is required to register go to college (college) or university in the United States or other countries in the world. This exam is required for applicants whose native language or the speaker is not English. TOEFL exam is organized by the office of ETS (Educational Testing Service) in the United States to test all participants throughout the world. Type the TOEFL English test is generally required for college entrance requirements in almost all universities in the United States and Canada for both undergraduate program (S-1) or graduate (S-2 or S-3). TOEFL test results are also used as a material consideration of English language proficiency of prospective students who apply to universities in other countries, including universities in Europe and Australia. In general, the TOEFL test is more oriented to American Home, and a few different types of IELTS which is oriented to the British Home.

TOEFL has two general objectives are: Academic and General. In the same form, TOEFL certification recommendation could use for both. Academic tests are used for educational purposes, research or related academic activities abroad, or in Indonesia. For post-graduate, usually a minimum value is 550. while for S1 is 500. General is generally used for the purpose of employment, promotion or job assignment. Many companies that install the English language standard employees by looking at TOEFL score – his. Generally, a minimum TOEFL score is 500 for a standard promoted.

As far as I encountered, the range of TOEFL scores – average Indonesian people with minimal education level S1 is very volatile. There are even some who do not know what and for what it is TOEFL (they read: “tufl”). Not so with the decision-English majors in college. At least they know what is a TOEFL. However, TOEFL score of a student or graduate English majors does not guarantee high. In some cases recruiment times, I found some applicants get the TOEFL score of 300, whereas in the proposal, the person concerned is an alumni of the ABA (Foreign Language Academy).While in general, fluctuations in the average TOEFL score – rating ranges from 300 to 600.

Generally, people understand that language is English speaking, conversation, cas cis cus and so on. English cover four main skills: Listening (digestion word through hearing), Writing (digestion words through writing and grammar), reading (digestive meaning of a text language) and speaking (able to pronounce it).
Speaking of language acquisition, it can not be removed from the mastery of four skills earlier, are perfect. However, many of them think, what matters is the ability to say it, even with a full-tolerance grammar and word choice are modest and the origin met.

For example:

John : Would you drive me to the hospital?

Us : Better go now ….

From the meaning of the conversation, saying it has a meaning. But we also know, the quality of a person known by the way he speaks, especially the use diksinya (choice of words).

Since 1998, the TOEFL test is conducted online using a computer (Computer-based Testing / CBT), and since 2005 called the iBT (Internet-based Test). In places that have not been able to carry out CBT or iBT (because there are no computer facilities and internet networks), the TOEFL test is still conducted manually using paper and pencil (paper-based test or PBT). More information about CBT tests and paper-based TOEFL relating to registration, venue, cost, and test preparation materials can be viewed on the official website of the TOEFL, (CBT version of the TOEFL exam results have value ranges from 0 to 300, while the value for the iBT is from 0 to 120). Lately organizers also held a kind of TOEFL test TWE (Test of Written Home), which results in value is separate from the TOEFL test scores. This test takes 30 minutes, and participants will be asked to write a short essay that describes the ability of participants to express and translate an idea or ideas, and supporting the idea with the examples found in daily life using the English language standard.

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