Management is usually classified into 3 levels:
1. Operating the lowest level, for example: supervisor
2. Middle, for example: department head, division head
3. Executive / Top, example: president

Management functions include:

o   Planning the design of operational programs in detail, setting goals, and how to use resources to achieve that goal.

o   Organizing the set framework in which these activities are made.

o   Control of systematic management to achieve business goals.

o   Controlling the executive manager responsible for accounting functions.

Management Accounting (Management Accounting) is to measure and report financial information and non-financial to be used by managers to make decisions in order to accomplish organizational goals.

Financial Accounting (Financial Accounting) is to measure and report business transactions and preparing financial statements which are mainly intended for external parties and are prepared according to GAAP.

Cost Accounting (Cost Accounting) is to provide information to management accounting and financial accounting by measuring and reporting financial information and non-financial related to the cost of acquiring and utilizing resources in the organization.

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